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Ship Information

What are the classes of ships and how much do they cost?

There are so many ships now that it's difficult to keep track. Some of the ships' prices have raised. We want to not only keep track of this, but of what the ships' purposes are, so that it's easier to understand what ship to purchase. So, we've created a list of all of this information, which I will explain here.

The ship is the actual name of the ship and clicking on this name will take you to that ship's page on the Star Citizen website. The manufacturer is the actual manufacturer of the listed ship. The price is the latest price that the ship has been sold for on the Roberts Space Industries (RSI) website. The warbond column lists the cash sales price that (RSI) has sold the ship for. They sometimes have a cash discount like this that they refer to as a "warbond" ship. While the price is lower, it must be purchased with cash as opposed to store credit.

The concept column lists the price that RSI first sold the ship for - it's the original price of the ship. When the number in the price column is higher than the number in the concept column, RSI has raised the price for that ship in the past. The crew column lists the max amount of crew that the ship supports. The cargo is the amount of Star Citizen Units (SCU) of cargo that the ship can safely carry. The class is the type of ship. This has come directly from the RSI website. The main focus and secondary focus are the purposes of that ship as listed on the RSI website.

Ship Weapons

What ship weapons are there in Star Citizen?

It's difficult to read through the website for Star Citizen and decipher what size each weapon is and how much damage it does. So, we've comprised a list of the weapons with some important information about each. You can sort the weapons by size, velocity, range, ammo type, rounds, shots per minute, damage per hit, base DPS, the DPS 60s (no CD), and the overheat time. There are also filters for showing weapons of a specified size and/or ammo type.

Allow me to elaborate on what each of the fields of the table are. The size of the weapon basically relates to the hardpoint of a ship that it can be equipped on. For example, the F7C-M Super Hornet has three size 3 hard points on it: one on each wing and one under the nose. It also has the ability to have one size 4 hardpoint with the Flashfire specialty mount, or two size 2 weapons with the turret that comes with it.

The velocity of the weapon is the speed at which the ammo travels. This directly relates to your pips, or the little boxes, triangles, or circles that help you aim in Star Citizen. When you have weapons that have different velocities, your pips will be apart from each other. For example, let's say you have two weapons equipped: an Omnisky III Laser Cannon and a Strife Mass Driver. The Omnisky III has a velocity of 1794 meters per second (mps) while the Strife has a velocity of 2200 mps. The difference between the two velocities of the weapons is 2200 - 1794 = 406 mps. This difference in velocities will cause your pips to have a gap between them. If you take off the Strife and instead add another Omnisky III, your pips will be correctly aligned. This is very important because if your pips are spread apart, it's difficult to land shots from both weapons at the same time, which reduces your damage per second (DPS).

The range is the maximum distance between you and your target that your pips will begin to appear to allow you to aim at the ship you're targeting. The ammo type is the type of damage that the weapon does. Energy weapons take down the shields of your target prior to doing damage to the ship. Ballistic weapons take down your enemy's shields like energy weapons, but sometimes ballistic weapons pierce through the shields and damage the enemy ship. Energy weapons have infinite ammo while ballistic weapons have a certain amount of rounds (bullets). Once those rounds are used, the weapons will not fire until you restock your weapons.

The shots per minute are simply that: the amount of times you can fire that weapon in one minute. The damage per hit is how much damage the weapon does each time it hits the target. The DPS base is the damage per second that the weapon does without considering overheating. The DPS 60s (no CD) is the damage per second when firing the weapon for 60 seconds straight. The DPS 60s does take into account overheating. The overheat time is the amount of time you can fire the weapon before it overheats.

Ship Identification

How do I know what ship is nearby?

When you first start out in Star Citizen, it can be overwhelming. There are so many flyable ships these days and it's easy to confuse them. We at Wipefest have made a list of what the different ships look like on your radar, so that you'll know what ships to be afraid of and what ships you may out match.

On the ship identification page, we have actual radar images of many ships along with the series the ship belongs to, the variants of that ship series, the main class that the series belongs to, as well as some information that will help you understand the purpose and strengths or weaknesses of each of the ships.